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Canapasso Martin Weed researches in the quality of Inflorescences rich in CBD of Cannabis Sativa L.

Always seeking novelties rich in terpenes and tasty fragrances.

Canapasso Martin Weed

Canapasso Martin Weed is intensely committed to researching among cultivators of Cannabis Sativa L. to offer legally compliant Inflorescences according to law 242/16, with high-quality CBD. Legally Hemp compliance is fundamental to our mission and to ensure maximum transparency and safety for our customers.

But what does Legal CBD Inflorescences of high quality mean for Canapasso Martin Weed?

Here are the main characteristics:

  1. Exceptional visual appearance, with a "phosphorescent" effect.
  2. Increasingly intense and indigenous fragrances.
  3. Natural colors resulting from the drying process.
  4. Cultivated in areas with excellent nutrients.
  5. Low presence of heavy metals.
  6. Legal analysis and traceability guaranteed.
  7. Compliance with values established by law for the European and Italian Community.

Canapasso Martin Weed ensures that legally compliant Inflorescences of Cannabis Sativa L. are always optimally dried thanks to their constant and patient commitment.

Each package is prepared at the moment, and the legally compliant Cannabis inflorescences are extracted from refrigerated cells maintained at a temperature of 10°C and with a humidity of 62%.

Their mission is to satisfy every single customer with the utmost attention to the quality and rarity of the product.

Discover all the legally compliant Hemp Inflorescences with CBD offered by Martin Grow Shop in the category Hemp Flower CBD Premium.

At Canapasso Martin Weed, we are committed to providing legally compliant cannabis products and strictly adhere to current regulations to ensure the legality and quality of our products. We are proud to be part of an evolving industry that promotes research and innovation in compliance with the law.

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