In order to be able to replace a product, the following conditions will be essential:

The replacement must be made within a period of 15 days from the receipt of the request.

The product must be in perfect condition and with the original packaging not damaged, including any cork protections and plastic cases and seals for technical products intact.

The product must be complete with all its accessories and complements.

Defective products

1. Martin grow shop return policy is subject to the conditions dictated by the manufacturers of the different products indicated on the warranty that accompanies them, both for returns and for repairs, replacements, etc.

Taking into account the conditions of the manufacturers, we cannot accept returns of defective products without the receipt / purchase invoice as well as we cannot accept returns of electrical / electronic products that have broken or cut cables.

Manufacturers refuse returns of products with cut cables despite the fact that the product may actually be defective and is covered by the warranty.

2. In the case of manufacturing / functional defects it is mandatory to fill in our online return form or the specific return form in the case of seeds, as well as to include the manufacturer's warranty, sealed and dated, for the products that include it.

If possible, include the packaging as well.

If the return is made in less than 15 days from receipt, it is essential to send the product complete with its original packaging.

3. Normal wear and tear of parts, materials or components of the appliances will not be considered non-compliant, as well as failures or defects in the product:

Determined by the normal wear of parts, materials or components (such as the electrodes of the measuring devices or the membranes of the humidifiers);

Determined by an inappropriate use of the same or by the failure to carry out the maintenance operations recommended by the manufacturer;

Determined by the consequence of an accident or by incorrect use in maintenance operations (such as cleaning the tissue of a reference electrode or changing the membrane of any type of humidifier).

4. When multiple defective products are returned, please notify the transport agency with shipping and courier certification, properly packaged.

It is mandatory to include in the package a list of the defective products included

5.Once the defective goods have been received, the distributor's technical department will check whether they meet the return conditions, if so, a replacement or a cash refund will be made.

Products for which the manufacturer has its own technical service will be returned to the factory, so the waiting time cannot be defined.

6. If the product does not meet the return conditions, it will neither be replaced nor refunded, but you will be contacted and we will proceed with the shipping costs and shipping refunds returned with collection to Martin grow shop Distribution and therefore the same will be returned in the same conditions in which it was received.

Collectible Cannabis Seeds: Regulations and Returns:

Collectible seeds can be purchased as a protection of genetics and by law they cannot be germinated or cultivated.

The refund will be made only if the original seal of the package sent is intact or the registration number of the manufacturer's genetic protection intact and legible.

The rules on certified cannabis seeds and on those on which the cultivation ban applies are regulated by articles. 28 and 73 of Presidential Decree 309/90

Article 28

(Law 22 December 1975, n. 685, art. 28 - decree-law 22 April 1985, n. 144, converted, with modifications, by law 21 June

1985, n. 297, art. 3, paragraph 4 - law no. 162, art. 32, paragraph 1)


1. Whoever, without being authorized, cultivates the plants indicated in article 26, is subject to criminal and administrative sanctions established illicit manufacture of the substances themselves.

2. Anyone who fails to observe the requirements and guarantees to which the authorization is subject, is punished, unless the fact constitutes a more serious crime, with arrest for up to one year or with a fine of between one million and four million lire. .

3. In any case, illegally cultivated plants are seized and confiscated. The provisions of Article 86 apply.

Article 73

(Law no. 162 of 26 June 1990, art. 14, paragraph 1)

Illicit production, trafficking and possession of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances

1. Anyone who, without the authorization referred to in Article 17, cultivates, produces, manufactures, extracts, refines, sells, offers or offers for sale, transfers, distributes, trades, transports, procures to others, sends, passes or ships in transit, delivery for any purpose narcotic or psychotropic substances referred to in table I provided for in article 14, is punished with imprisonment from six to twenty years and with a fine from € 26,000 to € 260,000.

1. bis. Anyone who imports, exports, purchases, receives for any reason or in any case illegally holds, without the authorization referred to in Article 17, is punished with the same penalties as per paragraph 1:

1. narcotic or psychotropic substances which in quantity, in particular if higher than the maximum limits indicated by decree of the Minister of Health issued in consultation with the Minister of Justice after hearing the Presidency of the Council of Ministers - National Department for anti-drug policies, or of presentation, having regard to the total gross weight or the fractional packaging, or for other circumstances of the action, appear destined for a non-exclusively personal use;

2. Medicinal products containing narcotic or psychotropic substances listed in Table II, Section A, which exceed the prescribed quantity. In this last hypothesis, the aforementioned penalties have decreased from one third to one half.

2. Whoever, being in possession of the authorization referred to in Article 17, unlawfully transfers, places or procures that others market the substances or preparations indicated in Tables I and II referred to in Article 14, shall be punished with imprisonment from six to twenty-two years and with a fine from € 26,000 to € 300,000.

2. bis. The penalties referred to in paragraph 2 also apply in the case of illicit production or marketing of the basic chemicals and precursors referred to in categories 1, 2 and 3 of Annex I to this consolidated act, which can be used in the clandestine production of narcotic substances. or psychotropic provided for in the tables referred to in Article 14.

3. The same penalties apply to anyone who cultivates, produces or manufactures narcotic or psychotropic substances other than those established in the authorization decree.

4. When the conduct referred to in paragraph 1 concerns the medicines included in Table II, sections A, B and C, referred to in Article 14 and the conditions referred to in Article 17 do not apply, the penalties established therein shall apply, decrease from a third to a half.

5. When, due to the means, the modality or the circumstances of the action or the quality and quantity of the substances, the facts provided for in this article are minor, the penalties of imprisonment from one to six years and of fine from € 3,000 to € 26,000.

5. bis. In the case referred to in paragraph 5, limited to the crimes referred to in this article committed by a drug addict or by a drug or psychotropic substance abuser, the judge, with the sentence of conviction or application of the penalty at the request of the parties in accordance with Article 444 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, at the request of the accused and after hearing the public prosecutor, should he not be granted the benefit of the conditional suspension of the sentence, may apply, instead of the custodial and pecuniary sentences, that of public utility referred to in Article 54 of Legislative Decree 28 August 2000, n. 274, according to the procedures therein.

With the sentence, the judge instructs the local external criminal enforcement office to verify the effective performance of the public utility work.

The Office reports periodically to the judge. Notwithstanding the provisions of article 54 of the legislative decree of 28 August

2000, n. 274, the public utility work has a duration corresponding to that of the imprisonment sanction imposed. It can also be arranged in private structures authorized pursuant to article 116, subject to their consent.

In case of violation of the obligations connected to the performance of public utility work, notwithstanding the provisions of Article 54 of Legislative Decree no. 274, at the request of the public prosecutor or ex officio, the prosecuting or executing judge, with the formalities referred to in Article 666 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, taking into account the extent of the reasons and circumstances of the violation , orders the revocation of the sentence with consequent reinstatement of the one replaced.

An appeal to the Supreme Court is allowed against this revocation measure, which has no suspensive effect.

The community service can replace the penalty no more than two times.

6. If the offense is committed by three or more persons in competition with each other, the penalty is increased.

7. The penalties provided for in paragraphs 1 to 6 are reduced by half to two thirds for those who take steps to prevent the criminal activity from being brought to further consequences, also by concretely helping the police or judicial authorities in theft of resources relevant to the commission of the crimes.

Cannabis seeds are excluded from the legal notion of Cannabis, which means that they are not to be considered narcotic substances (Law 412 of 1974, Article 1, paragraph 1, letter B; New York Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961 and table II of the ministerial decree


In Italy the cultivation of Cannabis is prohibited (articles 28 and 73 of Presidential Decree 309/90). Therefore these seeds can be used exclusively for collecting purposes and for genetic preservation with seed preservation register number.

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