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Extractors And Introducers
Extractors And Introducers

Extractors And Introducers

Grow Box Introducer Extractors How to choose the right extractor for your crop?

Proper extraction equipment in our crop will help keep it fresh and airy and avoid unpleasant problems with plant odors, which can lead to unwanted visits or suspicious looks from neighbors.

When choosing the extractor that will be used to solve this situation, some simple calculations can be made that will help us select the equipment necessary to perform the air renewal process in the grow room with optimal results.

So the first thing you need is to know the volume of the growing area.

It can be a room, a closet or a larger space. To calculate the volume of a space and get the cubic meters from it, you just need to multiply the height, length and width of the room.

For example, if it is a cabinet 2.40 meters wide by 1.20 meters and 2 meters high, the operation would consist in multiplying 2.4x1.2x2. As a result, the total volume of the wardrobe in cubic meters will be obtained.

In the case of the previous example, the cabinet volume would be 5.76 cubic meters.

But this calculation is not enough.

Depending on the characteristics of each crop, it may be advisable to renew the air up to 50 times an hour.

Therefore, once the cubic meters of the room are obtained, it is necessary to multiply that quantity by a factor of 50 to obtain a result that indicates which combination of extractor and filter is the appropriate one.

If we continue with the previous example, if we multiply that factor by fifty by the 5.76 cubic meters of our closet, they would give us 288 cubic meters per hour.

This would be the volume of air we would remove from the room of 5.76 cubic meters if we extracted it fifty times per hour.

It will therefore be necessary to have at least one extractor capable of moving that quantity of air, 288m3xh.

In our catalog you will be able to see how the extractors are classified according to the air flow they can move, which will help you in your choice.

Once you have chosen the right extractor for your needs, it is also essential to use a carbon filter to eliminate odor from the air coming out of your grow room.

As a calculation of the amount of air you will regenerate in the area where your plants will be located, you can apply it to choose a filter.

Our advice is to select a carbon filter with a slightly higher capacity than the one set on the extractor.

So, if we have concluded that the optimal air evacuation rate in our crop is 288 cubic meters per hour, the normal thing would be to choose a carbon filter that exceeds this rate to stop the odor in its tracks.

For our 5.76 cubic meter cabinet a filter with an extraction volume of around 300 cubic meters per hour (or even a little more) would be recommended.

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