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Ense Hemp Certified Seeds
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Ense Hemp Certified Seeds


Certified Seeds ENSE is the national elected seed body (now part of CREA). It was a public body supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture in charge of controlling the production and marketing of certified seeds.

It was abolished with the decree leg. 78 of 31/05/2010 and the related duties and powers have been absorbed by the National Research Institute. for food and nutrition (INRAN), in turn deleted with article 12 of Law Decree no. 95 of 2012.

Inran after the suppression of Legislative Decree 95/2012 (while it already incorporated Ense) merged in 2013 into the Council for research and experimentation in agriculture. (CRA) which has established 2 research centers called respectively "Research Center for Food and Nutrition" (CRA-NUT) and "ENSE Certified Experimentation and Seeds Center" (CRA-SCS).

In 2015 all the CRA (Council for research and experimentation in agriculture) and therefore with the renamed Ense functions of Cra-scs (Research Center for Experimentation and Certification of Seeds), merged into CREA, a new body established by union of the CRA with INEA ( National Institute of Agricultural Economics ).

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