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SCROG Screen of Green
SCROG Screen Of Green technique to maximize growing area

SCROG Screen of Green

SCROG Screen of Green

SCROG Screen of Green from the common name Screen Of Green, of which a technique widely practiced in indoor cultivation of hemp sativa L.

This technique "like many others" is used to maximize your cultivation field but we can say that the SCROG is by far the best.

Scrog Screen of Green what to tell you about this technique?

SCROG helps growers to maximize. its own crops of hemp sativa L. indoors to get the maximum possible from the ramifications, buds at the ends and in turn the calyxes that produce the flowers of these plants.

How to create more branches with the Scrog-Screen Of Green technique in indoor cultivation?

They integrate another technique known as Topping.

SCROG - Screen - of - Green

The Topping consists in cutting the 3rd or 4th internode in the vegetative phase "choice of the cultivator based on many evaluations of space but mainly in the height of the crop.

They wait for the last week of vegetative growth required and insert the Screen Of Green net near the predominant peak in height.

They evaluate carefully. the direction of the peaks in the most suitable positions in the holes of the Screen about 15/30 cm large, so that they will be able to perceive as much light as possible without disturbing twilight.

When the branches of Hemp Sativa L. will grow. through the SCROG screen, we will help. to regulate the growth upwards and we will be able to tie our stems to the net so as to help the branch not to break during the fattening phase of the flower.

What will the Screen Of Green technique help you?

First of all, we specify that indoor crops need light that wastes a lot of current and therefore you have to take advantage of every hole in the net or at least insert all the buds in the screen of the Indoor cultivation of Hemp sativa L. to maximize the light projected towards our peaks and not scatter the light or anything.

It will also help the plant grow without the stress of excessive heat as we will keep the lamp at a height that gives the maximum possible and is adequate to have 25 ° C °, as the buds will grow a very similar length to each other, but this factor we will explain it better in CLIMATE CONTROL , as it is not the most reliable method, here growers have to evaluate other external and internal factors.

SCROG - Screen - of - Green

SCROG Screen Of Green

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